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Bairam Khan's widow and child (Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana) are escorted to Ahmedabad, after the assasination of Bairam Khan, 1561
from the Akbarnama

Bairam Khan (also Bayram Khan) was a powerful statesman and regent at the court of the Mughal emperors Humayun and Akbar. Bairam Khan contributed greatly to the establishment of the Mughal empire under Humayun, while his most notable battle was the Second Battle of Panipat, which was fought between Akbar and Hindu king of North India Hemu in November 1556. For four years he acted as the regent and raised the young emperor Akbar, who assumed the throne at the age of fourteen after Humayun's death in 1556. While traveling through Gujarat, beside the lake at Patan, he was killed by a Lohani Pashtun assassin whose father had been killed five years ago in a battle led by Bairam. He died on January 31, 1561.

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Mughal Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers in the Akbarnama

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