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Illustrations of Mughals from the Walters manuscript W.596 copy of the Baburnamah.
Page 12

Babur, during his second Hindustan campaign, riding a raft from Kunar back to Atar

The battle of Sultan Ḥusayn Mīrzā against Sultan Masʿūd Mīrzā at Hiṣṣār in the winter of 1495

Ḥamzah Sulṭān, Mahdī Sulṭan and Mamāq Sulṭān pay homage to Babur

The final phase of the battle of Kandahar on the side of the Murghan mountain

Babur and his party hunting for rhinoceros in Swati

Babur and his warriors visit the Hindu temple Gurh Kattri (Kūr Katrī) in Bigram

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