Illustration from the Padshahnama

The siege of the fort of Qandahar (May 1631)

A larger image of The siege of the fort of Qandahar/Kandahar 1631, Padshahnama.

By Payag. Nasiri Khan directing the siege of the fort of Qandahar, May 1631: page from the Windsor Padshahnama. Mughal court at Agra, ca. 1633. Opaque watercolor, ink and gold on paper. Painting: 12 5/8 x 9 in. (32.1 x 22.9 cm). Page: 22 15/16 x 14 7/16 in. (58.2 x 36.7 cm). The Royal Collection, Royal Library, Windsor Castle (RCIN 1005025)
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Mughal Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers in the 17th century Padshahnama

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