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Illustrations of Ottomans circa 1809 from

Stratford Canning's Pictures of Turkey
Bostancibasi, or member of the Imperial Guard

Physical description: An Official in a plain brown robe, with a large red headdress, folded to the side
Object: Watercolour
Place of origin: Istanbul, Turkey (Painted)
Date: about 1809 (Painted)
Artist/Maker: Anonymous Greek artist (Painter)
Marks and inscriptions: Numbered 49 Inscribed on back in pencil Bostanji Bachi ?
Dimensions: Height: 32.3 cm, Width: 18.6 cm
Victoria and Albert Museum. Museum number: D.88-1895

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See a very similar Haseki Bostancı in Costumes Orientaux, Recueil de costumes et vêtements de l'Empire ottoman au 18e siècle, Collection of costumes and clothing of the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century. Owned by Joseph Gabriel Monnier.
The "Bostanji Bachi" inscription is probably refering to a Bostancji Bachi in The Costume of Turkey

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