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Ottoman illustration from:

Hans Sloan's Album, "The Habits of the Grand Signor's Court"
SL.5258, Turkey, c.1620
Painting 70. Rumeli Sipahi

A rumeli sipahi; single-page painting mounted on album folio. A cavalryman wearing a tiger skin, complete with head, over his shoulders tied by its back legs round his neck and carrying a large silver mace. Brown tunic, red trousers, green cap with three eagle feathers, blue sash fastened with a large metal ring and yellow boots with spurs. Sword and pouch fastened to sash.
The Ottoman Turkish inscription at top of page transliterates as 'rumayli sipa...'
Inscription at bottom of page A Spahi[e] of Romanya
British Museum 1928,0323,0.46.70
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