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Siege of Constantinople
an exterior wall painting on the monastery at Moldovita, Bucovina, Romania.

detail of Constantinople Beseiged and the centre of the mural Moldavian horseman detail of the Army on the right        

Photo by marttih
The predominantly gold and deep blue paintings on the exterior walls were completed in 1537. The large and vivid Siege of Constantinople highlights the murals.

The Siege of Constantinople murals were inspired by a poem, the Akathist hymn, dedicated to the Virgin Mary by Metropolitan Sergius in thanksgiving for her intervention in saving the city of Constantinople from an Avar & Persian attack in A.D. 626, the poem is also painted on a mural. In a wonderful political spin, considering the Ottoman threat to Moldavia in the 1500s, the Siege on the walls of Moldovita Church depicts the enemy as turbaned Turks rather than Avars or Persians.

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