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An illustration in the 1305-14
Jami‛ al-Tawarikh
by Rashid al-Din.

Universal History

or Compendium of Chronicles

Ğāmi‛ al-tavārīḫ. Rašīd al-Dīn Fazl-ullāh Hamadānī

The Grove of Jetavana,
where the Buddha achieved Enlightenment

(or more likely, as has been suggested recently, Nagavrka, Maitreya’s tree of englightenment)

Il-Khanid: Tabriz
Khalili Collection, MSS. 727, folio 36b
Fig. 188; p160 Rogers. Fig. 44; K26 Blair.
Source: Khalili Collection, MSS. 727, folio 36b (276b of the reconstructed manuscript)

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