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Illustrations from the manuscript of the Romance of Varqa and Gulshah, c.1250.

3, 6a: Scène de guerre; fond sans couleur, c'est-àdire, couleur du papier du manuscrit; inscription: "Attaque nocturne de Rabī‘ b. ‘Adnān."
3, 6a: Scene of war; background without colour, that is to say, the colour of the paper manuscript; inscription: "Night Attack of Rabī‘ b. ‘Adnān."

Rabi ibn Adnan attacks his enemies by night.

Rabi and a companion are shown as armoured cavalrymen wearing lamellar jawshan cuirasses plus mail hauberks beneath their tunics. They are armed with long single-edged swords and large round shields. They are supported by infantrymen with kite-shaped shields.

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