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Carved stone gateway, early 12th century, Jazīrah (National Museum, Baghdad).

The early 12th century so-called mihrab or prayer niche from Gu Kummet, near Sinjar in northern Iraq, was probably a door. It is unusual in being decorated by carved niches including warriors armed with a variety of weapons. This form of decoration was based on Syriac churches and monasteries in northern Iraq, many of which had comparable carvings of saints and monks (Nat. Museum, Baghdad, Iraq).
Source: pp. 62-63, Saracen Faris 1050-1250 AD by David Nicolle and Christa Hook

Image source: "Medieval Antiquities West of Mosul" by Gerald Reitlinger, pp. 143-156 in Iraq Vol. 5 (1938).

Image source

Referenced as Plate CXXII (after p.362) and figure 280 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
280. Reliefs on gateway from Sinjār, early 12th century AD, Saljūq, National Museum, Baghdad. (Ric I).

See Maces by David Nicolle, an extract from The military technology of classical Islam
The varied equipment of a Saljūq regional ʿaskar is probably illustrated on an early 13th century carved gateway from Sinjār (Fig. 280).

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