Babylonian Officer

An extract from
Armies and Enemies of Ancient Egypt and Assyria, 3200BC to 612BC
by Alan Buttery

105.    Babylonian Officer

The Babylonians, along with Elam and Urartu, possessed a common military strength and discipline equal to Assyria at this late period. The armies were all of a similar size and were equipped along the same lines so that no one state could overrun the others. The last vestiges of the Assyrian Empire were destroyed by a coalition of Babylonian, Median, and Scythian forces, who captured and sacked Nineveh.

The Babylonian officer shown is dressed almost exactly like his Assyrian counterparts with only a few minor differences. He does not wear quilted trousers above the knee but has stockings of the same material. The tunic, ending above the knee, is brightly bordered and a cloak is worn over the right shoulder. The boots, helmet, and armour, are all of Assyrian pattern, as is the sword.

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