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An extract from Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars
by Duncan Head, illustrated by Ian Heath

78 and 79.      SCYTHIAN INFANTRY

Although the Scythians were famous for their cavalry they could produce large numbers of infantry. Some may have been subjected peasants but these two are true Scythians. 78 is an archer no different from his cavalry counterpart. He carries an axe, which could be decorated in gold. These are light-headed long-hafted weapons usually shown carried by dismounted bowmen (though some may be men who would mount to fight). One Scythian is illustrated using the eastern sagaris (see 84) but this more conventional axe was obviously far commoner. 79 has two javelins and the characteristic Scythian infantry shield of hide stretched over a wooden frame. 79a is a slightly different shaped shield, showing the grip, once again from the Solokha comb.
[Based on a Scythian urn with warriors, Kul Oba kurhan, Crimea, 4th century BC]

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