An extract from Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2
by Ian Heath


Both Wallachian and Moldavian cavalry were principally unarmoured light horse (but see figure 79), mainly armed with a light lance, composite bow, sword or sabre and knife, though a mace or light axe might also be carried. This figure from the 'Képes Krónika' is actually a Wallachian, from the picture of an envoy - doubtless a boyar - delivering a message from Voivode Basarab to King Charles Robert prior to the Battle of Posada. His costume is in fact very similar indeed to that of 86, which is hardly surprising bearing in mind that Basarab himself was a Cuman (see figure 84). Here it comprises a light green tunic with light brown lining and dark green bands at waist, collar and cuffs, plus light brown stockings, black shoes (patterned in white), gold belt and brooch, and a green/brown cap with white vertical lines over the crown and a turned-up red peak at the front. His hair is again portrayed very long like that of figure 75.
[Based on Page 144 of the Képes Krónika, Hungary, 1360]

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