Ottoman Illustrations of Soldiers and Costume from the
Süleymanname of 1558
Topkapi Palace Museum, Manuscript Hazine 1517.

The most spectacular work in this genre is the Suleymanname (Topkapi Palace Museum, H 1517, dated 1558) whose ninety-six miniatures combine all the characteristic features of the period, and create new elements and compositional schemes. The miniatures, which are the work of several artists, reflect a clear observation of actual personages and buildings, and document the settings and events of the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent, even including such genre episodes as the registration of tribute children for the Janissary Corps.
Exhibition catalogue of Turkish art of the Ottoman period by Atıl, Esin; Freer Gallery of Art

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Some of the thumbnails from the Turkish Cultural Foundation are reversed. Their folio numbers may not be accurate.
Some captions are from Yale
Some of the larger images are from Representation of the interior design of the Islamic Royal Courts in the Islamic miniature paintings by Mohammad Fathi Tavani

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ff.18a-17b, Suleiman the Magnificent's Culus (Enthronement) Ceremony
f.31b, Registration of Tribute Children
f.37b Meeting of the Divan
f.38a, Meeting of the Divan, Topkapi Palace second courtyard
f.56a, Damascus Beylerbey Canberdi Gazali
f.63b, Death of Canberdie Gazali
f.71a, Süleyman entertained
f.81a, Süleyman arriving at Böğürdelen/Szabács/Sabac on a military campagn in the Balkans, 1521
f.98a, Execution of Prisoners by Elephant, Belgrade
f.108b, Capture of Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade), 1521
f.109a, Suleiman I after the capture of Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade), 1521
f.115a, Sultan Suleiman is depicted hunting an Anatolian Wild Sheep
f.132a, Suleyman hunting in western Anatolia
f.143a, The Siege of Rhodes, 1522
f.149a, Sultan Suleiman during the Siege of Rhodes, 1522
f.154b, Rounding up captives at the fall of Rhodes, 1522
f.170b, Ajas Mehmed Pasha has beheaded Ahmed Pasa, rebel beylerbey of Egypt
f.177a, Suleyman Hunting
f.189b, Grand Vizier İbrahim Pasha kissing the skirt of Suleiman
f.200a, The king of Hungary, Lajos II, in council before the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
f.212a, The Deli Sinan fighting against the Hungarian Eugene, 1526
f.219b, Sultan Suleiman during the Battle of Mohacs, 1526
f.220a, Single Combat at the battle of Mohacs, 1526
f.235a, Death of Huseyin Pasa
f.239a, Kalender Çelebi's Rebellion, Karaçayir, 1527
f.248a, İbrahim Pasha suppresses the Kalender Çelebi rebellion in 1527
f.260a, Reception of İbrahim Paşa
f.266a, Soldiers Climbing Trees during a Storm
f.282a, Capture of Buda, 1526
f.297a, Suleiman awaits the arrival of his Grand Vizier Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha at Buda, 1529
f.309a, Suleiman gives the Holy Crown of Hungary to King János Szapolyai
f.321b, Süleyman entertained
f.328a, Grand Vizier Pargali Ibrahim receiving the Austrian Envoy
f.332a, Suleyman the Magnificient receiving the Persian Envoy
f.337a, The Grand Vizir receiving the Austrian Envoy
f.346a, Suleyman receiving the French delegation
f.353a, The Akinci leader Turhan Bey brings an opponent of high rank down with a lasso, Esztergom, 1529
f.360a, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent receives Barbarossa, 1533
f.367a, Suleiman at Qasr-i Shirin in Mesopotamia, 1533-34
f.374a, Ibrahim Pasha visits the Shah of Iran
f.393a, Suleyman hunting with his sons along the Varder River
f.403a, Sultan Suleiman hunting deer
f.412a, Circumcision Ceremony for Princes Beyazid and Cihangir in 1539.
f.422a?, Battle of the Ottomans and Austrians, 1540 or 1541
f.433a?, Battle of Istabur?
f.441a, Suleyman the Magnificient receiving Janos Zapolyai’s Wife Isabella and his son Sigismund in Buda
f.445a, Princes Selim and Mehmed leave the Topkapi Palace for their provinces, 1542
f.459a, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent during the Siege of Estolnibelgrad in Hungary, 1543
f.462b, Sultan Suleiman hunting with Selim
f.471b, Reception of Elkas (Alqas) Mirza
f.477b, Süleyman conversing with his son Mustafa
f.498b, The arrival of Elkas (Alqas) Mirza’s gifts to Süleyman’s court
f.503a, Süleyman’s audience to the envoy of the Sultan of Mecca, one of his vassals
f.506a, Shah Tahmasb's reception of the Ottoman ambassador
f.527a, Battle at Lipova, 1551
f.533a, Siege of Temesvar Fortress, 1551
f.550a, Shah Tahmasb's reception of the Ottoman ambassador
f.557a, Süleyman presented with the ruby cup
f.570a, Süleyman with his son, Şehzade Bayezid
f.576a, Süleyman hunting with Selim, Aleppo, 1553
f.588a, Suleiman's departure from Aleppo for the 1553-55 Nakhchivan Expedition
f.592a, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent during the campaign on Nachivan in the South Caucasus, 1554
f.600a, Suleiman the Magnificent receives a Persian Ambassador
f.603a, The reception of the Safavid envoy to Suleiman the Magnificent during the Treaty of Amasya
f.611a, Capture of pseudo-Mustafa, 1555

Ottoman Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers in the 15th to 19th Centuries

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