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Byzantine Ivory Casket, early 11th Century
Victoria and Albert Museum 247:1, 2-1865

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Place of origin: Constantinople (made)
Date: early 11th century (made)
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Materials and Techniques: Ivory and bone plaques on a wood core
Dimensions: Height: 16.5 cm, Length: 24.9 cm at base, Length: 19.5 cm at top of lid, Width: 16.4 cm at base, Width: 10.6 cm at top of lid
Museum number: 247:1, 2-1865
This is a Byzantine casket made in the early 11th century. The casket is made in ivory and overlaid with bone plaques. The bone plaques depict warriors and combats and on the top of the lid is an ivory panel with a battle scene in higher relief.
Victoria and Albert Museum

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