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Fatimid wooden plank with Camel and Caravan Guard, 11th century

Photo by Robert Prazeres

Wood plank with daily life scenes in the Fatimid court.
Detail showing camel and caravan Guard.
Originally used as decoration on the walls of the Western Fatimid palace such planks were re-used in the Mamluk period to cover the walls of the Mausoleum of Sultan Qalawin but installed reversed as fitting for a religious building.
Country of Origin: Egypt
Culture: Islamic.
Date/Period: Fatimid, 11th C AD.
Place of Origin: Cairo.

Referenced as figure 153 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
153. Wooden panels from the Fāṭimid Palace, 11th century AD, Fāṭimid, Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo (Elg).

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