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Illustration from

Scylitzes Chronicle

f195v.   Basil II's victory over the Abasgians in 1002

A larger image of f195v. Skylitzes Chronicle (Codex Gręcus Matritensis) Basil II's victory over the Abasgians in 1002.

George King of Abasgia is shown as fleeing on horseback on the right and Basil II, holding a shield and lance, on the left.

Referenced on p11 Byzantine Armies 886-1118 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride
Depicting Basil II's victory over the Abasgians in 1002, this illumination from the Madrid Scylitzes shows klibanophoroi wearing padded epolorikia. They appear to carry kite-shields and, though it cannot be seen here, the very front figure wears splint greaves identical to those worn by the Magyar on page 19. The horses are unarmoured. (Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid)

by Giuseppe Rava
Plate H1: Emperor Basil II in full armour
This reconstruction of the ‘Bulgar-Slayer’, the most victorious emperor of the Macedonian dynasty, is taken from the Skilitzčs miniatures (folio 195b), although reconstructed with archaeological artefacts of 11th-century date. Note the crown (stemma); the long klivanion made from large lamellae of gilded horn; the gilded scale arm defences – probably also made from some material lighter than iron; the splinted leg armour of gilded iron; and the shield with a gilded rim, decorated all over with precious stones. Behind him are arrayed a Varangian company, identifiable by their long-shafted battleaxes.

Source: pp.58-59, Byzantine Imperial Guardsmen 925-1025: The Tįghmata and Imperial Guard by Timothy Dawson

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