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Illustrations from

Codex Gręcus Matritensis Ioannis Skyllitzes

Skylitzes Chronicle

Byzantine Italy, 11th-12th Centuries

Synopsis of Histories by John Skylitze
Biblioteca Nacional de Espańa manuscript Graecus Vitr. 26-2 - Codex Gręcus, Madrid, Spain
covers the reigns of the Byzantine emperors from the death of Nicephorus I in 811 to the deposition of Michael IV in 1057

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f10v Michael I Rhangabe proclaims Leo V the Armenian as co-emperor. Both step onto the shield which was raised aloft and saluted by trumpeters & high officials. The ceremony of raising the shield dates from the Roman Empire.

f32v A miniature illustrating the siege of Constantinople. The troops of Thomas attack the walls at Blachernae.

f42v Theophilus making a proclamation. He is flanked by his bodyguard who are bare-headed. Ranks of officials are distinguished by their headgear. The Emperor's Varangian Guard was made up of foreigners - Germans, Franks, Russians, English, Vikings.

f32v A miniature illustrating the siege of Constantinople.

f43v Theophilus with his bodyguard outside the church of Blachernae, dispensing justice to a widow who has approached him with a complaint. Two priests look on from the church door.

f54v A battle that took place in AD 842 between the cavalry of the Byzantines and the Arabs.

f99v The foot soldiers of Emperor Basil I, distinguished by their long shields, deserting their general in the face of hostile Arab forces who carry round shields. The Byzantine general, Procopius, is killed.

f100 The enthroned emperor Basil accepts tribute from the general Leon but, because of Leon's behaviour towards Procopius, he is arrested by two soldiers.

f148 An ambassador of the Bulgar king Simeon is received by the Arab king Phatlum in Africa.

f199 The blinding of Prousianos for plotting against the emperor. At right the enthroned emperor pronounces the sentence, the execution of which is the subject of the central part of the miniature. At left, the mother of Prousianos is expelled from the palace.

f212v Arab camp near Edessa & the banquet given by the governor for the chiefs. Arab warriors are hidden in the chests offered to the iban.

f213v Georgios Maniakes reproaches admiral Stephanos.

f212v The Arab plot against the Byzantine governor of Edessa. Arab warriors are hidden in the chests offered to the iban, but the plot resulted in the killing of 2000 Arab warriors in the chests.

f213v Denounced together with John, brother of the emperor, Maniakes is escorted by soldiers to Constantinople. His hands are chained.

f214 The Muslims besieging the Byzantine city of Messina in Sicily which they captured in 842-3.

f217 The Bulgars are besieging Thessaloniki and their leader Deleanos receives a fellow commander in his tent. The tented camp of the Bulgar army can be seen to the right.

f217v The Bulgar leader Alausonius receiving Deleanos in his palace and gouging out the eyes of his rival.

f217 An episode of the siege of Thessaloniki by the Bulgars. Byzantine forces are making a sortie from the gates of the city putting the Bulgar horsemen to flight. Trumpeters on the walls signal the attack.

f217v The final defeat of the Bulgars by Michael IV the Paphlagonian who is seated on his throne. The Bulgars put up a wooden palisade near Prilep which is seen here between the two groups of soldiers but the Byzantine forces broke it down.

f220v The uprising of the people of Constantinople against Michael Kalaphate. At the left is the palace. Archers in the crowd shoot arrows at the palace.

f147r A detail depicting a Byzantine dromond with three banks of oars.

f222v Top. Zoe and Constantine cross the Bosphorous in an imperial boat to be received in front of a palace by two dignitaries.

f222v Bottom. The official marriage and coronation of Constantine IX Monomachus and Zoe in the basilica of Basil I.

f234v A battle between the cavalry of the Byzantines and the Seljuks.

Source: Werner Forman Archive. (Registration required).

f67r, The Perjurious Female Accuser of Patriarch Methodios I and Soldiers with Swords Drawn.
f86r, The future emperor Basil I the Macedonian hunting in the presence of the Emperor Michael III.
f107v upper, The Lombards under Agion defeat the Byzantines.
f213r, Battle of Troina, Georgios Maniakes' victory over the Muslims.
f224v, The last battle of Georgios Maniakes as usurper in 1043.

Illustrations from Skylitzes Chronicle that are referenced in Byzantine Armies 886-1118 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride & Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride
f12r lower, Battle between Byzantine Emperor Michael I Rangabe and Bulgarian Khan Krum
f26v upper, The execution of an Anti-Emperor, Varangians in the background
f34v lower, Greek Fire in a Naval Battle
f59v, The Siege of Amorium by the Arabs in 838
f73v upper, Battle at Lalakaon and death of Amer
f195v, Basil II's victory over the Abasgians in 1002

Illustrations from Scylitzes Chronicle referenced by The military technology of classical Islam by David Nicolle
Bibliteca Nacional de Madrid, Vitr. 26-2, Bild-Nr. 77
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"Military Equipment in the Byzantine Manuscript of Skylitzes in Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid" by Ada Bruhn Hoffmeyer, pp. 1-194 in Gladius 5 (1966)

Other Byzantine Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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