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Illustration from

Scylitzes Chronicle

f26v lower.   The execution of an Anti-Emperor

A larger image of f26v lower, Skylitzes Chronicle (Codex Gręcus Matritensis) Basil II's victory over the Abasgians in 1002

Bibliteca Nacional de Madrid, Vitr. 26-2, Bild-Nr. 77

Referenced on p27 Byzantine Armies 886-1118 by Ian Heath & Angus McBride:
A rare picture of bearded Varangians in full armour, here attending the execution of an Anti-Emperor. Eighteen of their famous axes are in evidence, together with spears and unit standards. Note the mixture of circular and kite-shields. (Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid)

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Varangian Guard in Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath, based on Scylitzes Chronicle

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