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Provincial Byzantine Book of Job,
Bodleian Library MS. Barocci 201, folio 18v
Chaldaean Warriors Killing Job's Servants. (Job 1, 17).

Job with catena.
Shelfmark: Bodleian Library MS. Barocci 201
Holding Institution: Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
Place of Origin: Byzantine, provinces
Language: Greek
Source: Job, Bodleian Library MS. Barocci 201

Referenced as figure 237A in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
237A to 237C. Manuscript, A - Chaldeans, B - Driving the Women from the City, C - Reclining Demon, 13th century AD, Byzantine, Bodleian Lib., Ms. Barocci 201, ff. 18v, 163r and 36v, Oxford.

See also: Byzantine Fresco of Saint George, 1284–1295AD. Alti Kilise (Kirk Dam), Belisirma, Ihlara Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey.
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