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Sleeping Guards at the Sepulchre
Hronský Beňadik Monastery Church, 1470s
portrayed as Hungarian Heavy Infantry

Picture sources: Left Hungarian National Archive & Right Hungarian National Archive

Wooden sculptures.
From Prokopp Mária: A garamszentbenedeki úrkoporsó az Esztergomi Keresztény Múzeumban. Helikon/Corvina, Budapest, 1982, pictures 4 & 5. Esztergom Christian Museum. Photographs: Gottl Egon.

Hronský Beňadik (before 1960: Svätý Beňadik, German: Sankt Benedikt, Hungarian: Garamszentbenedek) is a village in central Slovakia

Other works from Garamszentbenedek Church:
The Saint George Legend, Hronský Beňadik Monastery Church, portrayed as a Hungarian Knight, 1423
Crucifixion, by Master Thomas De Coloswar (Kolozsvári Tamás), Hungary, 1427
Christ Carrying the Cross, by Master Thomas De Coloswar (Kolozsvári Tamás), Hungary, 1427

Other 15th Century Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Other illustrations of Hungarian Costume & Soldiers

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