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Armour from the Sanctuary of Avalokitesvara

Source: fig. 56, p 56, Bilderatlas zur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Mittel-Asiens : vol.1 by Albert von Le Coq
Translated from the German:
fig. 56. Armour from the sanctuary of Avalokitesvara (Stripa) at Qum-Ariq at Kucha. 7th-8th Century (?). Modified Sassanid form. Armour with defensive collar. White ground, except on the backing plates of the cuirass, the loincloth and the lower edge of the large armour skirt, where it is scarlet. The collar is light blue. Upright-standing armoured scales in the form of colourful flower petals on the central part of the armour. Colours: green, carmine, scarlet and blue in different shades. Museum for Ethnology.

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