Bowl with warrior with sword, 10th Century, Nishapur, Iran
Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale, Rome, Italy

Iran, Nishapur, ceramica invetriata policroma, ix-x sec.
Photo by sailko

Referenced as figure 351 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
351. Ceramic plate, 10th century AD, Kurāsānī, Museum of Oriental Art, Rome.
p208 Vol. 1        Boots, or perhaps shin-covering horsemen's gaiters, known as khuff could have had some protective function (Figs. 157, 170A, 284, 320, 321, 346, 347, 349, 350, 351, 419 and 651). They were certainly wide and probably ended at the knees so that some weapons such as daggers and battle-axes could be held in them.34 Similarly the khuff was occasionally worn over saq leggings.35

34. Ibid., pp. 51-52; al Aqṣarā'ī, op., cit., p. 329; al Ṭabarī, op., cit., vol. II, p. 1093.
35. Usāmah ibn Munqidh, loc. cit.
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