St. Menas, Nubian, 9th-10th centuries AD.

British Library Ms, Or. 6805, folio 10r

Agios Mena (Saint Mena), who is depicted with Nubian facial features, is illustrated as a young equestrian soldier with his face in profile and unbearded as is the custom in the Roman army. He rides on high, lean and decorated horse with a bell hanging round its neck, and wears a tunic, belt and military cloak that is decorated with a braided bordering. On his left shoulder is a shield while he holds in his right hand a long spear with its head turned towards the ground and not pointed at the man in the right, at the bottom of the picture. Saint Menas is bare-footed, which is different from how he is depicted in the Coptic tradition, where he wears a laced-boot.
Source: The Miracle Of Saint Menas In The British Museum Or.Ms.6805

Referenced as figure 184 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
184. Manuscript, St. Menas, 9th-10th centuries AD, Nubian, British Library Ms, Or. 6805, f. 10, London.

Referenced on p45, Armies of the Caliphates 862-1098 by David Nicolle The warrior Saint Menas shown as a Nubian tribal cavalryman in a unique 9th-10th century Nubian manuscript (British library, Ms. Or. 6805, f.10, London)

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