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Coin of Khingila, Göbl 61
Alchon Hun

Khingila silver drachm, c. mid-5th century

Crowned bust of king right, with crescent forehead ornament and hanging ribbon ends
     "fly-whisk" shoulder ornaments, "bull" tamgha at right,
     Bactrian legend above: left: khiggilo, right: alchono /
Weight: 3.66g, Diameter: 30mm.
Ref: Göbl 61
A magnificent coin type with a beautiful, bold portrait and a number of innovations. The most important one is that the king is now crowned: he wears a diadem with hanging ribbon ends and a crescent forehead ornament. There are no ribbons attached to the necklace any more. The bull tamgha has made its way back to the right to accommodate the hanging ribbons in the left field. The king's name is now rendered in Bactrian: khiggilo (not very visible on this specimen because of the flatness between 9 and 11 o'clock). The Bactrian legend alchono has also made its way back ... here from 1 to 5 o'clock. Finally, a strange aspect is the appearance of the "fly-whisk" shoulder ornaments. We don't know their significance ... one theory is that they represent divinity in the way it was often represented by shoulder flames on Kushan coins.

Source: The Coin Galleries: Khingila
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