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Coin of Khingila, Göbl 81
Alchon Hun

Khingila silver drachm, c. mid-5th century

Crowned bust of king right, with crescent forehead ornament and hanging ribbon ends
     lunar crescents on shoulders, "bull" tamgha at left, solar disc at right,
     Brahmi legend above: left: devashahi, right: khingila /
Weight: 3.59g, Diameter: 28mm.
Ref: Göbl 81
Khingila's "final" issues evolve from the previous coin. They retain the tamgha at left and solar disc at right and the crescented diadem with the hanging ribbons, but then introduce a couple of significant changes. First, the "fly-whisk" shoulder ornaments are replaced by lunar crescents, probably to still emphasize the king's divinity, and the legend is now in Brahmi: devashahi khingila.

Source: The Coin Galleries: Khingila
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