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Coin of Khingila ?
Alchon Hun

Khingila ? silver drachm, c. mid-5th century

Crowned bust of king right, with crescent forehead ornament and hanging ribbon ends
     "fly-whisk" shoulder ornaments, "bull" tamgha at left, solar disc at right,
     Brahmi legend at left: khinkila, Bactrian at right: alchono /
Weight: 3.51g, Diameter: 28mm.
Ref: Göbl --- (unpublished variant of G 70)
This coin, previously unpublished, appears to be an evolution from the previous one. The style is finer, but it retains the previous coin's fly-whisk shoulder ornaments, the bull/lunar tamgha at left, the solar disc at right, and the Bactrian legend alchono at top right. However, it inserts a Brahmi legend at top left that is somewhat difficult to read, but I believe reads khinkila. This is a known variant spelling of Khingila's name. This coin and the previous one form a "bridge" between the previous coin and the next coin, both of which are definitvely Khingila issues. Specifically, they retain the "fly-whisk" ornaments of the previous coin (not seen on coins definitively assigned to any ruler other than Khingila), but introduce the solar disc in the right field, which is seen on the next coin. Stylistically, this coin has a close affinity to the next coin.

Source: The Coin Galleries: Khingila
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