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A Graeco-Scythian gold horseman appliqué

A larger image of this Graeco-Scythian gold horseman appliqué,Bonhams, Sale 11597, Lot 245

A Graeco-Scythian gold horseman appliqué
Circa 4th Century B.C.

Finely modelled in repoussé with chased details, in the form of an archer mounted on horseback, his bow and arrow drawn ready to fire and pointing downwards, depicted mid canter, reigning his horse back whilst it is champing at the bit, its ears and forelock flat back, its forelegs raised, the archer with long hair, a full neatly cropped beard and wearing a belted shirt and pantaloons, typical Scythian attire, with circle and cross patterns, his boots tied around his ankles, pierced in places for attachment, 1¾in. (4.5cm.), one hoof missing, one bent

Provenance: Acquired in 1968 from a Miss Gray of Gordon Mansions, Torrington Place, W1.
Source: Bonhams, Sale 11597, Lot 245

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