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Kala with Sabre Drawn' and 'Kala in Uniform', ca. 1815–1816

A larger image of 'Kala with Sabre Drawn' and 'Kala in Uniform', ca. 1815–1816, India, Delhi.

Master of the Company School. 'Kala with Sabre Drawn' and 'Kala in Uniform'. Delhi region, Haryana, ca. 1815–1816. Commissioned by the brothers James and William Fraser in around 1815. One portrait shows William Fraser's servant Kala in trousers and turban as he looked when he killed a tiger with a thrust of his sabre on a hunt in 1810. On the second he is wearing the uniform that was used by the irregular cavalry regiment Skinner's Horse, which was headed by James Skinner, with Fraser as his second in command. The David Collection, Copenhagen

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19th century Indian Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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