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19th Century Indian Illustrations

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A Mahratta Foot Soldier in the usual Costume of the Native Indians, "Oriental Memoirs" by James Forbes, 1813
Four Tribal Warriors, Delhi Area, ca. 1815–1816
Five Recruits: Ummee Chund, Indur, Goolzaree, Bukhtawur and Juhaz, ca. 1815-1816
Kala with Sabre Drawn and Kala in Skinner's Horse Uniform, Delhi Area, ca. 1815–1816
Durbar Procession of Great Mughal Akbar II, c.1815
Sepoys of Madras, Bengal and Bombay, c.1816 after Fitzclarence
Nine courtiers and servants of the Raja Patiala, c.1817 (Jat Sikhs)
Begum Samru's Household, 1820
Mahadaji Sindhia entertaining, c.1820
Palace at Delhi, Mughal India, c.1820-1830. Aga Khan Museum AKM 00464.
Sepoy in the Native Attire, a Hindu Soldier & a Brigbasi, by Frederic Shoberl, 1820s
An Afghan (?) mounted, a lance held across his right shoulder, c.1820, India.
Skinner's 'Method of attack with the musket when meeting the enemy head on', India, c.1824.
Skinner's regiment formed in line, 1824, India, c.1824.
Thakur Dawlat Singh Among Courtiers, 1825.
Colonel James Skinner holding a Regimental Durbar, 1827, India.
The 1st Regiment of Skinner's Horse returning from a General Review', India, 1828.
A Sikh raja in audience, c.1830, India.
Colonel James Skinner in 'Tazkirat al-umara' by Ghulam Murtaza Khan, India, 1830.
Two mounted soldiers exchanging fire, c.1830, India.
Raja Dhian Singh Hawking, 1830s.
Raja Dhian Singh on Horseback, 1838.
Raja Man Singh, painting of c.1840.
Procession of the Emperor Bahadur Shah to celebrate the feast of the Eid, 1843.
Sikh Akali and their turbans.
Mughal Infantryman, c.1850.
A Pathan Soldier, c. 1850.
Procession of Raja Ram Singh II of Kota, c.1850.
Bengal Troops on the Line of March, 19th century, India.
Maharaja Takhat Singh and Prince Bhavani Singh ride with their retainers, 1855, India.
Mahomed Suraj-oo-Deen Shah Gazee, 1857, last Moghul Emperor.
A Mogul Trooper, 1858.
Camel Guns And Standard, 1887.

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