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Mughal Infantryman, Trichinopoly, c.1850

A larger image of a Mughal Infantryman, Trichinopoly, India, c.1850

Physical description: A painting of a Mughal Infantryman; one of seventeen drawings depicting castes and occupation.
Place of Origin: Trichinopoly, India
Date: ca. 1850
Artist: Unknown
Materials and Techniques: Gouache
Marks and inscriptions: Mogul Sepoy
Dimensions: Height: 24 cm, Width: 18.5 cm
Museum number: E.3290-1948
Source: Victoria & Albert Museum
[Probably based on the same source as a Hindu Soldier, in: Handcoloured engravings by Frederic Shoberl from his work 'The World in Miniature: Hindoostan'. London: R. Ackerman, 1820s.]

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19th century Indian Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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