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Ottoman Illustrations from:

Recueil de cent estampes representant differentes nations du Levant,
gravees sur les tableaux peints d'apres nature en 1707 & 1708 par l'ordre de M. de Ferriol, Ambassadeur du Roi a la Porte; et mis au jour en 1712 & 1713 par les soins de M. Le Hay.

[Collection of one hundred prints representing different nations of the Levant, engraved on the paintings from life in 1707 & 1708 by order of M. de Ferriol, Ambassador of the King to the Porte; and brought to light in 1712 & 1713 by the care of M. Le Hay]

Paris, 1714

From Paintings by Jean-Baptiste Vanmour (Van Mour), 1671-1737

Jean Baptiste Vanmour. Born in French Flanders in 1671, he came to Istanbul in 1699, at the age of eighteen, in the suite of the French ambassador, the Marquis de Ferriol. As far as is known, he did not leave the city until his death in 1737.

Illustrations of Ottoman Balkan Inhabitants

All the thumbnails on one page or:
Ottoman Court Officials.
Ottoman Government and Religious.
Ottoman Military.
Turkish Civilian.
Asian and African.

Paintings by Jean-Baptiste Vanmour (Van Mour), painted from 1699 to 1737

Links to Prints by Title

Ciğerci, Albanian who carries livers of sheep to feed the cats at Bezestein
French merchant
Wife of a Frenchman, going to bathe
Jewish woman in ceremonial dress
Jewish woman, a broker bringing her goods to young Turkish women who can not get out
The patriarch of the Greeks
Greek priest
Greek woman in her apartment
Novi, or greek girl in a wedding ceremony
Greek of the islands of the archipelago, playing the Tabour
Girl from Naxos, an island of the archipelago
Girl from Tinos, an island of the archipelago
Girl of Argentiere, an island of the archipelago
Girl of Chios, an island in the archipelago
Girl of St. John of Patmos, an island of the archipelago
Hungarian female
Albanian Soldier, Arnaut
Princess of Wallachia
Wallachian nobleman
Wallachian lady
Bulgarian girl

Ottoman Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers in the 15th to 19th Centuries

Baron, Bernard, 1696-1762
Cochin, Charles Nicolas, 1688-1754
Du Bosc, Claude, 1684-1745
Franssières, Jacques de
Haussard, Jean-Baptiste, 1679 or 80-1749
Rochefort, Pierre de, 1673-1728
Scotin, Gérard, 1643-1715
Simonneau, Philippe, 1685-1753

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