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Ottoman Military Illustrations from:

Der Kern Turkischer Geschichte

The core of Turkish history

by Anonymous
Published: Erfurth, J.M. Funcken, 1739.

Many illustrations are similar to those published earlier in Luyken and Vanmour, so are either based on these or a common source.

Mustapha II. See Luyken.

Vizier Azem. See Vanmour.

Moufti. See Vanmour.

Greek Nobleman


An Archer (Azab) See Luyken.



A Siebenburger



Ibrahim Pasha

Granitz Pasha, in Deli costume. c.f. Luyken.

Çorbaçı. See Vanmour.


A Janissary in other costume. See Luyken.

Serdenghetschedi or Daredevil. See Vanmour.

Sipahi. See Vanmour.

Kislar Agassi. See Vanmour.

Capi Aga. See Vanmour.

Capidgi Bachi. c.f. Vanmour.

Seliktar Agassi. See Vanmour.

Kasseki. See Vanmour.

Bash-Chiau. See Vanmour.

Tchelebi. See Vanmour.

A Mute. See Luyken.

A Peik c.f. Nicolay & Bonnart.

Turkish Laquay (Peik) See Luyken.

Seaman. See Vanmour.

Astchi Bashi. See Vanmour.

Turkish cook. See Nicolay

Ibriktar Agassi. See Vanmour.

Turkish lover. See Vanmour.

The Koran carrier. See Luyken.

Barber. See Vanmour.

Astchi. See Vanmour.

Halvadgi - confectioner. See Vanmour.

Saka - Water Carrier. See Vanmour.

Tchingui - Dancer. See Vanmour.

A Turk in winter dress. See Vanmour.

Notes for Plates in German (these images are not good enough quality for Optical Character Recognition).


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