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Drawings made on the Spot
by Octavien Dalvimart (d'Alvimart),

engraved by John Dadley & William Poole
published by William Miller, London, 1802

Title page.

The Kislar Aga.

A Sultana, or Odalisk.

Officers of the Grand Signior.

A Turkish woman.

Ladle-bearer to the Janissaries.

The Chief of the Ulemas.

A Musician.

A Domestic.

A Turk.

A Page.

First Dragoman.

The Mufti.

Greek Woman from Marmara.

Turban Bearer.

A Jew.

A Turkish Woman.

A Hamal.

Janissary Subaltern officer.

Women of Andros island.

A Saka.

An Albanian.

An Egyptian Arab.

Coastal Syrian.

A Dervise.

A turk in a pelise.

A Bedouin Arab.

Bedouin woman with her child.

An Officer of the Janissaries.

A Female Dancer.

A Dervise of Syria.

A Tatar.

An Armenian.

A Young Prince.

Two Janissaries.

Capidji Bachi.

An Usher.

Woman of Naxos island.

Secretary to the Sultan.

A Soldier.

Reis Effendi.

An Inhabitant of Symia.

Inferior Janissary Officer.

A Spahi.

A Member Of The Divan

Sword Bearer.

A Dervise.

A Turkish Female of Pera.

The Confectioner.

The Chief Usher.

An Ichlogan.

A Tchocadar.

The Capitan Pasha.

A Bosniac.

A Sailor.

Stool Bearer.

An Attendant of the harem.

A Turkish Lady.

Bostancji Bachi

The Grand Vizier.

A Sultana, or Kaddin

[DALVIMART, Octavien]. The Costume of Turkey. London: by T. Bensley for William Miller, 1802 [text watermarked 1796, plates watermarked 1802]. 2° (350 x 265mm). Title in French and English, hand-coloured stipple-engraved vignette on English title, text in English and French, 60 hand-coloured stipple-engraved plates by Dadley and William Poole after Dalvimart.

This work has text based on various sources (Baron De Tott, J. Dallaway, G.A. Olivier, M. Montague, J. Pitton de Tournefort, M. d’Ohsson, etc.). According to the preface, Dalvimart travelled during four years (starting in 1796), always drew from nature, travelled in Turkey in about 1798 and made drawings on the spot. He certainly was in Athens in 1797, he worked in Britain as painter and engraver, and he was living in Paris in 1803, but little else is known of his life and works.
Dalvimart's drawings have been used in similar albums and illustrated other travel accounts.
Many of these may be based on Ottoman paintings made for tourists, for example pictures from Heinrich Friedrich von Diez's Album Costumes Turcs, c.1790
See Origins and derivatives of Octavien Dalvimart's collection of Turkish costume, The Military Costume of Turkey with hand-coloured engravings based on d'Alvimart's collection, Ottomans in Charakteristische Darstellung der vorzüglichsten europäischen Militairs or Augsburger Bilder 1802-1810, Turkish infantry after Wilhelm von Kobell, Vienna, 1809 with many pictures based on d'Alvimart drawings and La Turquie, ou, Costumes, Moeurs et Usages des Turcs. by Jean-Baptiste-Benoît Eyriès, 1820 Ed. with copies with added ground.

Plates dated 1805 from a Vinkhuijzen album, NYPL
Elbicei Atika. Musée des Anciens Costumes Turcs de Constantinople by Jean Brindesi, Paris, 1855
Album of Turkish Costume Paintings Presented to Alexander III, Tsar of Russia, 1867 - NYPL Digital Collections
Ottoman Soldiers from other European Illustrations.
Ottoman Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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