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An illustration in the 1305-14
Jami‛ al-Tawarikh
by Rashid al-Din.

Universal History

or Compendium of Chronicles

Ğāmi‛ al-tavārīḫ. Rašīd al-Dīn Fazl-ullāh Hamadānī

Funeral Bier of Mahmud ibn Sebuktegin

Ms Or 20 f.136v Funeral Bier of Mahmud ibn Sebuktegin, miniature from the Jamiʿ al-Tawarikh of Rashid al-Din
Il-Khanid Tabriz
Opaque watercolour, ink, gold and silver on paper

Shelfmark: Or.Ms.20
Holding Institution: University of Edinburgh
Title: Jami' al-Tawarikh (World History)
Alternate Title: Compendium of Chronicles
Subset Index: f.136v detail
Creator: Rashid al-Din Ṭabib
Creator Nationality: Iranian
Creator Role: Author
Date: c.1306CE or c.1314/15CE

Detail of miniature from the Compendium of Chronicles by Rashid al-Din. Shows the funeral bier of Mahmud ibn Sebuktegin, ruler of the Ghaznavid Dynasty of Eastern Afghanistan from 998-1030CE. Four mourners can be seen to the left of the image, while a figure stands to the right of the coffin, pulling aside a curtain that reveals it.

Source: Edinburgh University Library

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