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Scenes from the life of the Buddha
Kushan Gandhara, Pakistan or Afghanistan, late 2nd-early 3rd century AD

panel a panel b panel c panel d
           Three attendants to the right of the Buddha
Gandharan 'Demons' to the left of BuddhaGandharan 'Demons' to the right of Buddha
Kushan soldiers below Buddha
Detail of the Figure in a Hat

A larger image of Scenes from the life of the Buddha, Kushan Gandhara, Pakistan or Afghanistan, late 2nd-early 3rd century AD. Free Gallery of Asian Art, Smithsonian, F1949.9a-d.
Scenes from the life of the Buddha
Historical period: Kushan dynasty, late 2nd-early 3rd century
Medium: Stone
Dimensions: H x W x D: 67 x 289.8 x 9.8 cm (26 3/8 x 114 1/8 x 3 7/8 in)
Geography: Pakistan or Afghanistan
Accession Number: F1949.9a-d
Type: Buddhist frieze
Previous Owner: Hagop Kevorkian 1872 - 1962
After meditating for forty days beneath a pipal tree, the Buddha approached the moment of omniscience. Evil demons have failed to distract him, and he calmly touches the earth goddess to witness his attainment of enlightenment. His right hand, lowered in the earth-touching gesture (bhumisparsha mudra), signals that moment. The Buddha is depicted with the characteristic forehead mole (urna) and cranial bump (ushnisha) that symbolize his immense spiritual capacity.
Freer Gallery, Smithsonian

The Kushan soldiers below the Buddha in panel c are referenced as Plate CII, after page 329, in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
Plate CII. Carved relief late 2nd-early 3rd century Ghandara-Kushan (Freer Gallery no. 49.9 Washington)

Footwear is only shown on three figures: one to the right of Buddha in panel b; and two under the Buddha in panel c.

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