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Ottoman Turkish Miltitary Illustrations from:

Peter Mundy's Album, "A briefe relation of the Turckes, their kings, Emperors, or Grandsigneurs, their conquests, religion, customes, habbits, etc"
Istanbul 1618

20v A foot-soldier of the old corps of armourers attached to the Janissaries. Wearing a helmet with a stiff white aigrette in the plume-holder. Green tunic, white leg-protectors, brown shoes, Wearing a sword and dagger and carrying a matchlock. A cloth is wrapped around his head under the helmet, covering his ears and chin.

21v A sipahi (cavalryman) from Anatolia. He wears a dark mauve cloak, buttoned at the neck, a pale blue tunic, red trousers, high brown boots and a turban loosely wound over a red cap.A gold dagger is stuck in his red sash.

22v A Yeniceri, or Janissary. He wears the Janissary headdress, white felt with a gold brim and a plume-holder. Dark blue sleeveless kaftan, pale blue tunic, silver girdle, red trousers, brown shoes. He holds a staff.

23v A Rumeli sipahi, a soldier of Rumeli. He wears a red hat with a long brim with four ends and a plume, scarlet sleeveless kaftan with an ermine lining and with epaulettes. Blue tunic, red trousers and yellow boots. He carries a mace.

24v An Azeb, a marine. He carries a musket, wears a powder-horn and ammunition pouch on his girdle and a sword. Pale blue tunic, red trousers, white leg-protectors, black shoes, red cap with black brim and a gold cloth, striped red and green, and a plume.

25v A government courier or tatar. He wears a black tunic, high brown boots, scarlet trousers, blue girdle and a large round white head-dress with pointed red baton type cap. He has a bow in a case and a sword and is carrying a double-tailed whip.

Source: British Museum

Other Illustrations from Peter Mundy's Album, A briefe relation of the Turckes, 1618

Other Albums:
I Turchi. Codex Vindobonensis 8626 of Bartolemeo von Pezzen, 1586 to 1591
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Other early 17th century Ottoman Illustrations
The Tarjumah-i Shahnamah (Translation of Firdawsi's Shahnamah into Turkish by Sharif Amidi). Copied by Darvish 'Abdi, 1616-1620AD
Sehname-i Nadiri, 1620s

Illustrations by Europeans:
The present state of the Ottoman Empire by Sir Paul Rycaut, 1667
Prints made by Henri II Bonnart, 1678-1711
Ottoman Soldiers from other European Illustrations

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